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Our team from the woodside camping site of Pirna-Copitz likes to bring a sparkle to children’s eyes and we offer our young guests an unforgettable holiday experience that will remain a pleasant memory for many years to come. To achieve this, we and our hosts have come up with many interesting activities for the most pleasant time of the year. In July and August, we will be offering an exciting programme of activities every Tuesday and Thursday. Our members of staff promote creativity in play, provide space for spontaneity and strengthen the social competence of every individual in the group.

Geocaching – digital treasure hunt
Outdoor + fun + action

Geocaching is a modern type of treasure hunt or paper chase. Equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and the coordinates of where a “treasure” is concealed, the children go out in search of a surprise, which we have hidden in very unusual places. The children learn a great deal in the process and have to overcome some sporting challenges along the way.

A ship on the horizon...
- creating ships using cork

The dream of a long trip on the oceans can be fulfilled in Pirna-Copitz. The heart of every child beats faster whenever there is talk of pirates or men of the sea. Together we will be building a ship using cork and this will no doubt be accompanied by some ripping yarns.

Torches in the storm
- designing storm lanterns

Children’s imagination and creativity know no bounds in this workshop. Colourful, rich in form and fantastical - the children can learn the many facets of napkin folding. Hey presto – and in a very short time, preserving jars are transformed into magical receptacles.

Today I am Michelangelo
- carving soapstone

We will be working with colourful, soft and easy-to-form natural soapstone. Creativity and imagination are needed to find a form for the stone using all five senses. We will be creating sculptures with the help of wooden tools, rasps and sandpaper. Finally, the stones will be oiled and waxed so that the full spectrum of colours and forms are highlighted.

– Sheep`s wool from the little house

...what you can make of sheep`s wool...
The technique of wet felting makes a lot of fun to children. By splashing, rubbing and soaping the most crazy felt figures can come into being at the same time like apples, shaggies, long chains, snakes or felted picture. Just try it out!

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